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What were you excited or surprised to learn in HTML and CSS? Why?
I had very little experience coding prior to this class. When I looked at HTML and CSS code, it was as illegible as French! Therefore, I was looking forward to being able to make sense of the code and use it to design sites. Getting into this process, I was surprised at the number of elements that composed a single page, even a simple one! This simple descriptive list includes three tags: dl, dt, and dd. I now have a new appreciation for the process of coding!
What was difficult to learn?
The organization process of coding is something that has been difficult for me to learn, and something on which I am still working.
What made it difficult?
When coding a multi-page website, there are so many different elements. Just because a style page functions, it doesn't mean it is in a logical, cohesive order. When designing my own site, I tried several different ways to organize the CSS style page. I added /* */ elements to block off the codes for tablets and mobile devices. I also constucted a more detailed wireframe on which I recorded ids and classes so that I could keep them straight!
What do you plan to do to learn it better?
I plan to continue to build sites which require CSS style sheets and multiple pages. This way, I can develop a system of organization which works for me and get practice organizing the details of these pages.
What do you plan to do with your HTML and CSS knowledge?
I will be looking for a job in the field of web design, and I must be able to recognize the capabilities and limitations of a site in order to do so. My knowledge that I have gained in this course will allow to me code a site on my own and/or be able to communicate the requirements of the site to the back-end developers more knowledgeably.