Content Inventory


What did the client say that they want the web site to accomplish? Describe the goal of the web site in one or two sentences.
The goals of this website are multiple: to explain the tours provided, to sell these tours, to bring in new clients and to provide news to clients.
Who is the intended audience? Who do you think will use the website?
The demographic will include those who are either new to Portland or visiting Portland. Tours seem to be geared toward adults.
What opportunity, problem, or issue did you hear that the client wants to address?
The client wants to provide an online presence in order to increase its professional appearance as well as show the advantage of experience it has over its clients.
What does the client want the site visitors to do?
Visitors should be able to find the phone number for the company, contact the company, discover information on the tours, and book a tour.
List at least two related or similar sites found on the Web and why you think they are related. What did you like about the websites and what do you think you could improve on for the client's website?
— One of the tour companies prevalent in Portland is Big Pink Sightseeing. It offers tours around the city as does Portland Historical tours. I like the slider with images underneath the header. I do think that the site could be streamlined, as the number of options is a bit overwhelming.
—The second site that is similar to Portland Historical Tours is Slabtown Tours. This is a tour company as well that offers walking tours of several different Portland neighborhoods. I liked the use of graphics and "old time" feel of this site. It emphasized the historic aspect of their tours. If I include a sponsor section, I would like to improve upon the quality of those images.


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